Okay, screw you. I’m pissed.

And no, i don’t have any problem with the half naked chic in the picture. She’s kinda cute actually. Anyways, it’s what she’s holding that i have a major problem with. That tiny piece of evil that they call “Yakult”. Why do i have a problem with it you ask? – well, cause the quantity of the drink is “SO MUCH”, i can barely finish it all by myself. Can you sense the sarcasm?. I drank 5 yakult in less than 30 minutes and i’m still thristy.

I mean seriously, if they start selling in a even smaller size packaging .. i’m gonna literally pull out my arm hair and drink it down with water just to show you how crazy i am. Ive had problem with this small size Yakult for a longgggg time now. It’s barely even enough for like 1 cup. You know what’s even more sad?. Try doing this at home, go get a cup and fill it up with ice and then pour your Yakult into it, seriously, i don’t know about you but i remember once i literally got depressed looking at the half filled cup. Think i took less than 10 secs to finish it and all i was left with was a bunch of ice that tasted like Yakult. It’s sad people. It’s really sad. Even more so than the picture of a random chinese dude below.

Look at him, don’t you just wanna slap his fa…c.. i mean, slap some… i mean, cheer him..u.. oh screw it. don’t you just wanna slap some happiness into him or better yet, throw a cup of Yakult on his face! – no wait! you cant! because the quantity of the freaking Yakult is not even freakin’ enough to drink yet alone to throw onto someone’s face. Jesus.

So here’s what i propose. Since i’m a very lazy guy.. I wish and hope that someone out there would put an end to this madness and start a petition or something to change the size of the Yakult packaging because people need Yakult, dammit. Lots of it. Just about several months ago, i found out it has some goodie bacteria whatever something good bla bla bla in it and apparently its good for our body cause it could whatever somehow bla bla bla flush something that nobody cares about bla bla bla out of our body.

With that said, i hope this changes really soon. So the world can be a better place again. No worries though, i’ll definitely support the saviour (whoever that is) by standing in the side lines and cheering him/her on.

So, to thank you, oh saviour of mankind, I’ve decided to upload a picture of me which you can download, print it out and keep it close to you cause when the going get’s tough and im sure it will, you can look at my picture and get that strength back again to push forward and topple the evil regime that’s dictating the Yakult company right now.

Here you go, savior. Behold – The Face of Determination.

Goodnight, People.


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"To follow by faith alone is to follow blindly" - Benjamin Franklin. View all posts by Rudy Prabahgaran

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