Now this is fun, no? Oliveiro?

On Tuesday Night:
Alwyn accidently send a romantic text message that was meant for his girlfriend to me instead.

– 3 days later, 2.24pm –

Alwyn: Hey what time are you working today, early right?
Rudy: Ya, 5. You?
Alwyn: Lol..
Rudy: what time are you working?
Alwyn: not as early as you??
Rudy: this is lame. haha.
Alwyn: and i bet you didnt sleep. Working at 6 la…
Rudy: haha i did i did. crap la, going to work so early. sigh.
Alwyn: Thought you were working at 6. Wanted to ask you for dinner.
Rudy: aw arent you sweet. ive been thinking about the message you sent me that day. you’re right baby. nothing will break us apart and no, cant do dinner today. haha.
Alwyn: I knew you would haunt me with that joke sooner or later!
Rudy: i know. that’s the best part of our friendship. you do something dumb and i make fun of it. we function well that way.


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