R.Diddy goes “black” on Pearera!

Laura says:

Rudy says:
sup yp

Laura says:

Rudy says:
okay im just gonna attempt to talk “black”
right now
in our conversation
okay starting from now

Laura says:
hopefully i’ll be able to follow

Rudy says:
yo nigger, you best be followin’ cause the river dont shine. ya kno what im sayin’
river no shine baby
yo you dig?
holla back yo. yo you goin silent on me dawg?
now why you lik that
yo why you like that

Laura says:
i phail at being a “black” chic

Rudy says:

Laura says:
but you can carry on

Rudy says:
imma gonna let you in on a secret

Laura says:
i’ll just talk normally
oooo gossip

Rudy says:
cause you and me
we click
oh we click good
so yea
listen good baby
causse imma only gonna say it once
like once
yo those black chics all talking black and all
it aint hot baby

Laura says:
but they are black chics they have to talk that way
its in their bloood

Rudy says:
yo those bitches are crazzzzie baby
nah it aint
nuh huh
they faking it

Laura says:
such fakers.
they are tryin’ to be like you

Rudy says:
yo u took out words right from ma mouth. yo
baaaaby, right from my MOUTH!
from the cavity and shit, yall’
yo its like
you used a ma’fuckin dental floss yo
you floss that nigger out of me
ya hear

Laura says:

Rudy says:
floss it out

Laura says:
your full of nonsense la.


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"To follow by faith alone is to follow blindly" - Benjamin Franklin. View all posts by Rudy Prabahgaran

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