Rudy Rudy Rudy vs Kathleen Bodestyne

Dammit, so now i have to put extra effort just to learn something and annoy her with it and piss her off too. Sigh, damn. It’s not gonna be fun anymore. Well, in any case, if you’re lost – here’s what happened yesterday.

Kat: Hey romeo, you going class today?

Rudy: Haha yes i am, my favorite classmate. You? I’m gonna be fashionably late though.

Kat: Haha.. as always. you just love making grand entrances don’t you?

Rudy: Haha yes i do. dont really plan on it though but it alwaaaaays turns out that way. Watch me charm everyone when i enter the class later. haha.

I know what to bug you next with. Autonomic system and the endocrine system. particularly with, the parasympathetic and the sympathetic system and the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal pathway.

Kat: Oh really? so you mean like now you making my sympathetic nervous system all agitated?

Rudy: .. Crap. okay fine. ill find something else that you don’t know.

Kat: Rotflmao! Happy finding…

Rudy: Bit…c.. (okay calm down rudy. calm down)

Kat: Wahahaha.. Looks like your parasympathetic system is not doing its job huh? 😉


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