A constant battlefield.

I haven’t been the same since it all began. I pretend to be happy only because i’m tired of accepting and dealing with a reality that im still denying. I pretend to be happy because i don’t want to burden anyone with what’s going on in my mind and how i’m feeling inside. I sleep my days away so i don’t have much time being awake to think about what happened.

I sleep in my dad’s room to feel closer to him. I’m losing my mind and i don’t really know what to do to stop. I feel alone.

I’m afraid to talk about it. I don’t want to deal with it even though i know very well that the only way i can get over this is by facing it. I haven’t been in a peaceful state of mind and i’m starting to forget how that feels like. I’m tired of staying strong. Always. Can i, for once, just simply give up? – There’s so much on my mind. I wanna stop thinking for once.

Dear you, a human’s life has both, a beginning and a ending and its what we do in between that start and that end, that people around you will adore/love/care/respect you for and when the time comes, you will be led to your end and this will be the part where the ones that you have made an impact on, the ones that you leave behind will remember and cry for you for as long as they live.


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"To follow by faith alone is to follow blindly" - Benjamin Franklin. View all posts by Rudy Prabahgaran

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