Rudy vs Louiza aka “The Confuse-er!” vs “The Don’t Like to Confuse People-er!”

Rudy says:
do you know why bunnies hop?
Louiza Starr says:
Rudy says:
cause someone thought that if they walked on 2 legs, it would be weird
now we just gotta find that ‘someone’
Louiza says:
i’ll be that someone for u
Rudy says:
no, you’re not godly enough
even though you go to church more than my mom does
Louiza says:
but i wanna be that someone
i dont care
i am that someone
Rudy says:
you cant self proclaim yourself like that. its frowned upon
its not something that
‘someone’ does
if ‘someone’ does something like that then it would be wrong for that ‘someone’ to be a ‘someone’ cause ‘someone’ wouldn’t do something like that
Louiza says:
you’re so smart arent u
Rudy says:
wait why?
Louiza says:
in one sentence, u made me doubt my ability to understand the word “someone”


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