My Favorite ‘J’ in Jazz (Justin Mendoza). The Prank Call.

Justin: Dude, can pass me the number to odiocrib studio?
Rudy: 63379006
Justin: What about backbeats studio? You have it?
Rudy: 83**2**4
Justin: Dude, wrong number man. haha.
Rudy: Yea, You just called Alwyn (Our colleague)
Justin: Haha. Are you fucking serious?
Rudy: Haha yes. The two of you are really stupid. Didn’t even recognize each other.
Justin: Haha. idiot. well deserved repercussion. Fierce indeed. (Our inside joke)
Rudy: 96775539
You have no idea how long i’ve waited to do that to someone.
Justin: Wrong number again la bitch!
Rudy: Huh really? Hold on.
That’s the only number listed here.
Justin: Haha. Kidding, its correct.
Rudy: Ohhhhh and Mendoza strikes back. Well played, my friend.


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